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The League of Ukrainian Canadians - Etobicoke Branch is a community organization dedicated to the continued growth and development of a prosperous Ukrainian community in Canada. The organization's cultural, educational and humanitarian activities assist in developing the community's identity in Canada, while improving the quality of life in Ukraine.


The main activities of LUC include:

  • co-operate on educational projects with organizations in Ukraine to help raise the awareness of Ukrainian history and promote the tenets of democracy and human rights;
  • cultural events for the enrichment of LUC's membership, in particular, and the Ukrainian family in Canada, in general;
  • joint projects with organizations in Ukraine which address the social, educational and health related needs in Ukraine;
  • humanitarian assistance for the families in Ukraine.

The organization's national executive is based in Toronto, Ontario. Members belong to one of 17 branches across Canada which, through their multi-faceted activities, fulfills the many objectives of the organization.



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